Promo Codes: Win paid Android apps

5 Feb
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Promo Codes is a new app in Google Play that gives you the opportunity to win promotion codes for paid apps. With the press of a button, you make daily chance to win free apps.

Win free Android Apps

Each day at Promo Codes one new app is featured that you may or may not download for free. To find out, press the button “I’m Feeling Lucky”, then you will immediately hear if you’ve won. In our case, we could win the Franco Kernel Updater (normally $4.83), but unfortunately, luck was not on our side.

Promo Codes Android app

Promo Codes is a nifty and quick way to get free apps though you depend on the collaborations that the creator has with other app developers. If you don’t win any app, you’ll be sent to a random (highlighted?) App in Google Play and you are asked whether you want to follow Promo Codes on Twitter. The latter is not required, although you will find quite a few codes for paid apps on the Twitter account.

The app is available for free as stated in Google Play and requires Android 4.1 or higher. The download size is 2,3MB.

Download Promo Codes in Google Play (free)

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