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21 Nov
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Shazam has changed the way we listen to music. With this powerful and unique piece of software, the title of a song can be found by playing a small fragment.

Instant magic

The first time you use Shazam, you think you’re having a magic trick in your hands. The app recognizes what song is playing within seconds and shows both the title, the artist, album, and genre.

In addition, Shazam also provides a way to find the song in question, with a link to YouTube or Amazon. If present, you get even more information, such as the lyrics of the song, the biography of the artist, and upcoming performances.

Shazam also serves as a database of the songs that you’ve “tagged” (as they are locating and recognizing a song name) and let you know what other users have tagged. A bit like a social network.

The database of Shazam is updated daily by over 20 million users. There is always the chance that you will not find a song, but that possibility is getting smaller.

Shazam app

Easier is not possible
Using Shazam is the easiest thing in the world. Open the app and click on the large icon on the screen to let Shazam listen. This “tag” icon on is available on all the screens of the app so that you can identify a number at any time.

Obviously, Shazam is not perfect and the app has some limitations, but this is understandable. The catalog is growing every day and the technical limitations are minimized. If you search on a place without too much noise and avoid mash-ups, you’ll find the song you’re looking for almost always.

Shazam is one of those apps that belongs on any phone, especially that of music lovers.

A similar free app is SoundHound (also for Windows Phone)

Download Shazam

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