SketchUp Make 2016

5 Feb
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SketchUp is a simple program for creating 3D models. The free software offers a good alternative to professional software such as 3DSMax.

When starting Sketchup, a training screen will appear where all the actions are explained. With this screen on your side, you build in no time 3D models of buildings or vehicles. Sketchup fills the lines that you draw with suggestions for creating depth in a model.

Many features

To provide your models with color and texture, you choose from the patterns in the material menu, but you can also put a picture of a certain building on your 3D model. Whether you make trellises, skyscrapers or pools, Sketchup has countless covers for your subjects. If you are happy with your model, you can report it via 3D Warehouse (a gathering place for models) for placement in Google Earth.

SketchUp Make Download
Sketchup is remarkably comprehensive yet simple. You can draw effortlessly a rectangle and drag it with the instrument Push / Pull up or down. You can model a building in just a few minutes. With Sketchup, you can not only build buildings but any objects with geometric form in a short time. These can then can be exported as Google Earth file or as a 2D image.


  • Co-trainer available
  • Integration with Google Earth


  • None

Download SketchUp Make 2015

Download SketchUp Make 2015 for Windows 32 Bit (free)
Download SketchUp Make 2015 for Windows 64 Bit (free)
Download SketchUp Make 2015 for Mac OSX (free)

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