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6 Nov
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Messenger app with Mission Impossible influences

With photo-sharing app Snapchat, you can make pictures and send these to your friends. It is unique in that the photos can be seen up to 10 seconds and then they disappear. The photos are not stored and cannot be viewed longer than the time available. Perfect for sharing quick snapshots.

Now you see me, now no more

The concept of Snapchat is very simple: you take a picture with the camera in the app, add text (up to 40 characters) or draw anything on the picture. Then you determine how long your friends can see the photo (from 1 to 10 seconds), choose who you want to send to and click send.

When you receive a snap, press and hold the message to see the photo. The timer starts as soon as you click on the message and continues to run, even if you do not hold the picture.

Video sharing is now also possible in Snapchat. There is also a feature called Snapchat Stories. Here your friends can view photos for 24 hours.


Be careful what you share

If startup Snapchat, use your phone number as ID and you add friends from your address book. You can also use your Facebook or Twitter account. The Snapchat home is the camera itself. With the buttons left and right on the screen you can go to your messages and your contacts. Under messages, you can also find settings. This screen can be a bit confusing, but because there are only so few options, you figure it out soon.

Snapchat might delete your images right away, but you have no idea if your pictures are not stored anywhere else. Also, Snapchat is often used to send “inappropriate” images (the app already has a considerable reputation as an ideal ‘sexting’ app). It is wise not to send too personal matters because there are many apps on the market that allow you to save Snapchat photos.

A new social network?

With the new Snapchat Stories, Snapchat seems to be more than a ‘sexting’ app and present itself as a kind of social network. Doesn’t matter what you use Snapchat for, it is a great app to quickly send picture messages to friends.

Facebook offered $ 3 billion for the app and Google was reportedly interested, but Snapchat is still independent. The app is extremely popular among American youth, and the number of users is growing rapidly. What can you do with Snapchat? Send messages with small photos or short videos that disappear after a few seconds.

Sounds strange, but just the temporary nature of the snaps, which disappear before your eyes makes it exciting and funny. The snaps are not quite volatile because you can always make a screenshot before the picture was gone.

You can send snaps to one or more friends and you also have your own Snapchat Story where the messages remain one day. You can draw in the pictures or mark them with text. You can set how long the recipients can see the snap: from 1 to 10 seconds.

Judge for yourself whether Snapchat really is that fun or just a passing breezy hype.

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