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21 Nov
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What’s that song again? Find out with SoundHound. With SoundHound, it’s really simple to figure out what that song is called that you happen to hear on the radio or have all the times have in your head.

Discover and save

We were very impressed with both the speed and accuracy of SoundHound. The app is both faster and more reliable than its famous competitor Shazam.

SoundHound is very user-friendly. Tap the large button and SoundHound “listens” to the song being played or hummed at that moment.

How to use SoundHound?

You use SoundHound on one of the following ways. Keep your phone to the speakers as the song is played in question, hum or sing the song or search lyrics.

Once SoundHound has found the song, you will see a vast amount of information on that song.

Buy the song through Amazon, bookmark the song, watch related videos on YouTube, search the text, read the biography of the artist and see the other songs on the album. You can also share your discovery via mail, Twitter, Facebook, or SMS.

Formidable competitor for Shazam
Altogether SoundHound is a very good app to recognize music and an excellent alternative to Shazam.


  • Fast recognition
  • Lots of information about artists
  • Ability to create bookmarks


  • Songs can be streamed free

SoundHound App

Download SoundHound

Download SoundHound for Android (free)
Download SoundHound for iPhone and iPad (free)
Download SoundHound for Windows Phone (free)

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