Spark for iPad

26 Feb
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The popular mail app Spark has been available for a while on the iPhone. Developer Readdle now brings the app for the iPad.

Distinctive email app

Spark sets itself apart from the standard email apps through your “filtering” your emails in an original way. The app will be monitoring how you process your emails and will this way find out what is important and what is not, then you only receive a notification for email if Spark thinks it is important.

Spark iPad Download

Users can also adjust a lot to desire. You can punt incoming emails into different categories, and they appear in folders above the normal inbox. You can also add values manually to different sliding movements. Think respond to an email by swiping left or right or to archive by sliding to the right. The app gives you the possibility to add widgets to the inbox.

Another useful feature is that Spark also works on the Apple Watch. With the app on the smart watch, you can easily handle e-mails and you have the opportunity to respond to mails with voice.

Download Spark iPad version

Spark is a comprehensive email app with distinctive features and ideal for people who have to process a lot of emails. Customize your inbox is entirely to your own taste, without additional cost; The app is free to download from the App Store.

Download Spark for iPad (free)

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