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7 Nov
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Spotify is the well-known music app that always has your favorite songs close to you. You can choose from millions of songs and stream it to your smartphone or tablet.

With a free Spotify account, you can play artists, albums, and playlists via shuffle. You can skip tracks several times an hour, but then you’re stuck with what Spotify conjures you. You have to pay if you want to determine the order of an album.

Spotify Windows

The supply of Spotify is almost unlimited, so you can find your favorite bands. Note that the cost can add up quickly when a data connection is used. It’s better to use Spotify when you have a wifi connection.

The free Spotify app has no limit since December 2013 anymore for the number of listening hours but contains occasional advertising. If you pay the commercials disappear. Furthermore, the premium version has better sound quality and you can download songs for offline use.

Download Spotify

Download Spotify for Android (free)
Download Spotify for iPhone and iPad (free)
Download Spotify for Windows (free)
Download for Mac OS X (free)

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