Tangram: A fine Android browser making search easier

22 Oct
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Tangram is a new browser for Android that is aimed at the business user. With the app, you can go online a lot more productive and work efficiently. This article shows you how.

Browsing with Tangram

According to the developers of Tangram, smartphones with the relatively small screen sizes is not ideal to help search for information on the web. The new browser must help here, by providing expanded capabilities and combining this with one simple interface. The main functions are each presented in a separate tab. This allows you to quickly search, select, or store information.

In addition to all the basic features you know from, for example, Chrome, Tangram has several options to make you more productive. Especially useful is the so called Stack feature, where you store found information to find it later easily. Everything is stored within the browser in one tab and is not spread over multiple pages.
Also fine is the bookmark function of Tangram, where all your searches are saved. That way you can later see exactly what you have been looking for and you can continue your search. With the bookmark feature, you can also collect interesting links and share them with others.


Download Tangram for Android

Tangram is free in Google Play and contains no in-app purchases. Through the link below you can download the app. Installation requires 10MB of free storage and Android 4.0 or higher.

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