Temple Run 2

7 Jan
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Temple Run 2 is a free game for Android and iPhone that is about running, running, and running again. The successor to the popular Temple Run uses the same format as the predecessor, albeit with some variation.

Have you played the first part, you’ll feel right at home in Temple Run 2. Start the game and you are immediately chased out of a temple by a terrifying monster. This black beast is constantly on your heels.

On your journey, you must jump, steer and watch out especially well. Temple Run 2 again offers a series of challenging obstacle courses where you come across ravines, broken bridges, and dangerous traps. New are rides in a mine cart, which provide the necessary variety. Levels are always different, so Temple Run 2 is not quickly boring.

Temple Run 2 Game

For the avid collectors, there is plenty to do in Temple Run 2. With the coins that you earn while running around you buy upgrades for your character, or completely new characters (four in total). If you meet such challenges “score 50.000 points” or “run 250 meters without addressing coins” you open new parts of the game.

Although the concept of Temple Run 2 is now no longer new, the addiction factor remains unprecedented. Thanks to some small additions to the game, it is still fun, even if you run thousands of miles.


  • Fun and addictive
  • Test your reflexes
  • A lot to gather


  • More of the same

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Download Temple Run 2 for iPhone (free)
Download Temple Run 2 for Android (free)
Download Temple Run 2 for Windows Phone (free)

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