Texpand: smart Android app to type faster

20 Dec
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The small but powerful app Texpand helps you type faster and save time. The app does this by creating shortcuts for specific phrases or expressions.

Texpand review

Do you have certain phrases or words that you type on your Android several times a day, then you should try Texpand. The app has shortcuts for standard messages so that you can enter them much faster. This is not only very easy but also saves you time. It’s very simple: you open Texpand and enter a sentence which you then link to a word.

For example, you can bring the phrase “how are you?” back to “HAY”. If you then enter these letters Texpand automatically ensures that the full sentence is displayed. The app works with virtually any keyboard app like Swiftkey or Google keyboard. Bluetooth keyboards are also supported.


The different options are clearly presented. For example, a floating bubble is available, which you can use to quickly undo things. Abbreviations can be saved locally, as well as backup to the cloud with Google Drive.

Download Texpand

In the free version of Texpand you can associate ten expressions with a word, but with the Pro version this number is unlimited. The latter will cost $3.29 in Google Play. The app weighs less than 1MB and works on all devices with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher. Te app can be downloaded via the link below.

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