9 Jan
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Tumblr is a free quick blog service with lots of options: via web concepts, you create a blog, online photo album, Twitter-like message machine or more. Setting up a Tumblr account takes less than two minutes and requires a few clicks. Then you can fill the site with your favorite subjects.

Working with Tumblr is dead simple. From your Dashboard, choose what type of message you want to post: This varies from text (quotes, short ‘chats’) to images, audio or video. You post the messages by clicking on the appropriate button (the seven buttons are at the top of the screen). Eventually, you choose yourself a template in which your messages are displayed. You can purchase these templates (prices vary much), or choose one of the many standard designs.

Tumblr facilitates the way of blogging significantly. If you, for example, choose for the daily posting of one photo, then this is fine and it features even its own style. Everyone can Tumblr express his or her own thoughts. For posting on Tumblr, you need no web knowledge.

Tumblr Download

Tumblr offers a fresh, easy way to create a blog or website. Anyone can use the service although a creative approach helps of course. The many methods for posting digital debauchery and beautiful interface make Tumblr blog one of the finest instruments on the web.

Download Tumblr

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Download Tumblr for Windows Phone (free)


  • Easy to set up
  • Many sub-functions
  • Many templates for website


  • None

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