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27 Nov
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TwoDots is an addictive game from the creators of Dots. The game resembles Candy Crush, but looks completely different. The game element does look the same though. By connecting dots of the same color, you clear your way. Each level has a specific purpose which has to be achieved. One goal might be to play off in a certain number of moves 30 red and 30 blue dots and the goals you have to achieve each level are difficult. TwoDots looks nice and is styled with an eye for detail. Everything looks a lot more mature than Candy Crush.

Unfortunately, another element of Candy Crush is also adopted. You have a limited number of “life” and every time your level does not reach you lose a life. And without lifes, you have to wait until you can continue. It takes 20 minutes by life and so you often have to wait long before you can, especially if you get to the harder levels. TwoDots is a fun and beautiful game to play. There are many levels and the game offers enough challenge to keep you busy for a while.

Download TwoDots for Android
Download TwoDots for iPhone and iPad

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