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4 Jan
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Order a private driver for an affordable rate

Uber is an app that lets you easily order your own private chauffeur. The service is available in more than 40 countries and 100 cities around the world.

Your own private chauffeur
Uber is an alternative to the traditional taxi. Instead of a taxi hailed on the street, or book by phone, you order your driver with this app easily with your smartphone.

You can choose from five categories of vehicles, ranging from budget friendly (uberX) to super deluxe (LUX). Not all categories are available in every city.

Before you order a chauffeur, you get a quote by entering your departure point and destination. This is just an estimate, but usually, it is very close to what you pay on arrival.

Unlike traditional taxis you pay at Uber online. Use your credit card, PayPal or Google Wallet directly from your mobile. It is also possible to share the bill with your fellow travelers. There are also discount codes available for Uber to travel even more affordable.

After your trip, you rate the service. Other users can read your review. Drivers can also review their customers!

To use Uber, you first sign up to the service. Enter your personal information (name, email, phone number, bank details or PayPal) and secure the information with a password.

Ordering a driver is very easy with Uber. Using Geolocation the app detects your location and the Uber app set up a pickup point. This can also be done manually. Then tap the button and Uber is looking for a driver. The one closest to you gets to see your call. If the driver agrees with your call, you will get a confirmation SMS. Thanks to geolocation you exactly see where your driver is located.

Uber app

The service Uber generally costs a little more than a traditional taxi. Sometimes you’ll be met by the driver with energy drinks, sweets, etc.

Formidable foe of traditional taxis

It is not surprising that traditional taxi services don’t appreciate Uber. The service has many advantages, it is relatively inexpensive and easy to use.

Download Uber

Download Uber for Windows Phone (free)
Download Uber for Android (free)
Download Uber for iPhone (free)

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