Uncharted: Fortune Hunter – Solve puzzles and find treasures

6 May
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The fourth and final part of Uncharted comes out next week on the PlayStation 4 but until then, you can be entertainment with the puzzle game Uncharted: Fortune Hunter for Android and iOS.

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter

It is the first time that the Uncharted series gets a game on Android and iOS. In this adventure puzzle game, you go with protagonist Nathan Drake on a hunt to solve more than 200 puzzles to always walk away with a reward at the end.

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter similar in structure much like Lara Croft GO, a spinoff of the popular Tomb Raider series. Just as Lara Croft, Nathan Drake moves in Fortune Hunter through levels that consist of so-called grids. By carefully wiping the screen, you move forward. At the same time, you must shoot on disks and push buttons to create new routes. Note that you are not allowed to be hit by objects in the levels, otherwise, you can start over.


Besides that you should take into account all hazards, it is important to solve the puzzles in as few steps as possible. When you get through a predetermined number of steps through the level, you get a key. With the key, you can open treasure chests that are in a puzzle every few minutes. All in all, Uncharted: Fortune Hunter is a nice warm up for the upcoming part of Uncharted. It also allows you to unlock game items that can be used in the PS4 game.

Download Uncharted: Fortune Hunter

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter can be downloaded via the links below. The app runs on all devices with Android 4.4 or higher and is 139MB.

Download Uncharted: Fortune Hunter for Android (free)
Download Uncharted: Fortune Hunter for iPhone (free)

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