Waze 4.0 makes driving more fun

10 Mar
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You can now download the new version of Waze travel app in the Play Store. With Waze 4.0, all features of the app are significantly overhauled.

New features in Waze 4.0

Waze is a traffic and navigation app where real-time traffic information is supplied by its own community. The developers have provided the app with a major makeover. Thus, the design of the app now seems more like the iOS app. Also, in Waze 4.0, using new icons, the situation on the road is even clearer and you need fewer clicks to begin navigation.

The improvements for Waze are primarily focused in the areas of usability, speed, and design. The card must show clearly what’s going on and redundant information is removed. Furthermore, you can now, for example, give your arrival time using one click. In the previous version of Waze, you still had to take several steps to do this. Therefore, the app is also a lot safer and you can hold your attention better in traffic. The new version of Waze would significantly require fewer of your battery. Which is something that we like a lot.

When you plan a route, Waze shows you on the new ETA screen not only what time you arrive, but what obstacles you may encounter on the road or what alternative routes there are. You can also schedule an extra stop. A new icon on the loading bar, for example, is the sign for the police. The traffic information is now refreshed faster. Finally, in Waze 4.0, a feature is added that lets you plan a route in your calendar. Waze keeps than track of what the conditions are on the way and gives you a reminder when you have to drive away.

Download Waze

Waze 4.0 is available today for free download in the Play Store via the link below. Compatibility and size vary by smartphone.

Download Waze 4.0 for Android (free)

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