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4 Jan
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Windows Media Player 11 is an audio and video player with an extensive library and the necessary additional features.

More than just a player
Like its predecessor, Windows Media Player 11 can play audio and video, export audio CDs directly to WMA or perform the reverse process, ie burn video or music cd’s.

The functionality of the Windows Media Player 11 library has improved and your media files remain beautiful in order, whether they come from disk drives, portable devices, (such as an iPod or other MP3 players) or purchased online.


Optimal customization
This version of Windows Media Player is transferred directly from Windows Vista to Windows XP. It looks almost the same as the previous version and also has many other similarities. Conversely, you can change this version by downloading themes, accessories and visualizations according to your own taste.

A safe choice
Although there are players with more features and support for more formats, Windows Media Player 11 meets its purpose and provides a straightforward user experience. It is a safe option for those who just want to easily enjoy music and video.

Download Windows Media Player

Download Windows Media Player (free)

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