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2 May
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Wordfeud Free is a free puzzle game for Android and iOS and an exact copy of a famous board game. You play the famous word game Scrabble with friends or complete strangers online.

How does it play?

You get seven letters and thereby make words on a board. Some fields provide additional points; Blue boxes indicate double point value and thanks to the green you score triple point value. You put a letter in an orange box than the score of the entire word doubles as the brown tiles triple the word. You lay down your letter and who eventually has the most points wins.

Finding opponents

Do you have friends who do not have Android device, but an iPhone or BlackBerry? Do not worry, you can Wordfeud plays against people with a different phone. If they have this game at all, then the game automatically find other players online which you show your word skills. Thanks to the application BlueStacks you will also find many people who play Wordfeud games on PC because it is possible with this emulator. It’s not a game that you play for a short session because each player will have 72 hours to play their turn. Fortunately, you can play multiple games simultaneously.



Wordfeud is the mobile version of Scrabble. You do not have to sit all day to play. With Wordfeud you challenge your friends at any time from where you are.


  • Supports multiple platforms
  • clear interface
  • Play multiple games simultaneously


  • Game sometimes takes days

Download Wordfeud

You can hear the name ‘Wordfeud’ more and more often. The game works the same as Scrabble. You get letters, and with these letters you have to make words on a board with the aim of getting the most points. Via an email address or username you can add friends to play against. You will receive a notification when your opponent has made a word and then it’s your turn to explain the word. Good luck!

Android and iPhone / iPad versions of Wordfeud is free. You have to pay for the Windows Phone version.

Download Wordfeud for Android
Download Wordfeud for iPhone and iPad

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