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6 Nov
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YouTube is the most popular site in the field of video. Find your trailers, music videos, or cats; That, and more, you will find all on YouTube. And with this free app, you see everything on your phone or tablet.

All videos in the world in your hand

With YouTube for mobile, you have direct access to the vast database of this service from your mobile device. In addition to watching videos, there are many more things possible. Upload your own videos, view your history, create playlists and save videos to watch later. Have you signed in to YouTube, then everything you do on your phone, sync with your other devices.

You also have the option to subscribe to certain channels and administer your subscriptions. Not looking for something specific? Then browse through the different categories like “Popular” and “Featured”. You can watch videos in portrait or landscape view.

Convenient interface

YouTube for Android and iPhone has a clear and simple interface. The operation is easier by the support for touch controls. Just swipe the screen and the menu appears. In addition, it is now also possible to minimize the video. By swiping the video to the right, it ends up in the bottom right corner. The video continues to play in the thumbnail view while you freely browse the site. Do you want to exit the video, simply swipe it to the left.

Modern appearance
Youtube Android Download
The interface has the Google characteristic flat design, which we know from Gmail or Google Maps. It looks modern and is intuitive to use.

Do you like to watch videos on YouTube, and you also want to do this on your phone? Then this is the perfect app for you. All features of the service are available on your smartphone or tablet. Ideal for travel.


  • Full functionality of the service
  • Access to subscriptions and playlists
  • Minimize videos


  • Nothing worth mentioning

Watching videos on YouTube has become as common as watching TV. Who doesn’t do it? The YouTube app is actually preinstalled on all Android phones and tablets. On iPhones and iPads this was true until iOS 6 appeared, the YouTube app has been removed (because of competitive battle with Google) by Apple. You can, however, download YouTube now for iPhone and iPad.

There are also free YouTube apps for Windows Phone and BlackBerry. The Windows Phone app was created by Microsoft, and on BlackBerry, are several unofficial free apps to play YouTube videos.

Download Youtube App

Download YouTube for Android
Download YouTube for iPhone and iPad
Download YouTube for Windows Phone
Download YouTube for Symbian / Nokia (unofficial)
Download Youtube for Blackberry (unofficial)

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