Youtube Red – The paid and ad-free version of YouTube

21 Oct
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Google has presented Red YouTube, a paid and ad-free version of the video streaming service. Users with Red get access to exclusive content.

This is what you should know about YouTube Red

YouTube Red offers all of the regular YouTube and Google described it as a Netflix competitor. The service lets users look at YouTube videos or listen to songs without ads are being displayed, for $9,99 per month. The service is not available as a separate app, but is part of the standard YouTube app, and works with all Google Accounts.

The new video streaming service offers exclusive content. Google has announced that YouTube Launches Red with 10 original video series, including one of the famous YouTube star Pewdiepie. Also new is YouTube Music, which becomes available as a separate app and works with Google Play Music. The music app allows users to listen to and discover music. YouTube Music along with YouTube Gaming is a standard feature in Red.
An important feature of YouTube Red is the fact that you can store videos and entire playlists so they can be viewed offline. It is also possible to use Red in the background. When you shut down the service, you can still listen to the sound of a movie.

YouTube Red and YouTube Music are available from next week in the United States. As said the service will cost $9.99 per month. Next year YouTube Red wil come to other countries.

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